Almonds or Peanuts for Vegan Gains?

In Bodybuilding or in a "Gaining Phase" - our calorie intake matter the most. It becomes essential to plan our macros.

As we plan our daily meals through primarily Carbs, Protein and Fats, let's have a detailed look at a single saving size of 28 gm for for both.

The common mis-belief is that almonds provide more KCAL and energy which helps in performing better. It is even assumed that protein content in almonds is higher. However when we do a comparison of Macros between almonds and peanuts, we realise that this assumption does not hold true.

Almonds however are rich in important Micro Nutrients like Vitamin E (present in skin of almond), On the other hand Peanuts are rich in Vitamins B.

Both Almonds & Peanuts are good for People who suffer from Diabetes, BP and Heart Problem as both have ZERO Sugar, Sodium and Cholesterol respectively.

Peanuts Vs Almonds for Vegan Gains

With Zero Difference in terms of Macros and around 4 times lesser cost, peanuts seem like an ideal snack! It will be justified to say, Peanuts might be an underrated tool that we are yet to incorporate in our meal-plans, to yield the best results from our workouts.

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