Are You a New Vegan? You Must Read This!

As we set out on this journey of being a healthy human, a compassionate being, there are some mistakes that all new vegans tend to make.

1. Difference between Veganism and Plant-Based Food and Whole Food Diets

Many new vegans often get confused between these terms - Plant-Based, Whole Food & Veganism. To clear the air, let us help you with a table:

The only reason you need to know this table is so you know which term can be used when and what does each diet entail, If your doctor has mentioned you switching over to a vegan diet, he might mean plant-based. So be very sure about what you want to follow or have been advised to follow.

2. Too many supplements!

I see so many new vegans confused about supplementation because of probably what they have read on the internet or what their friends might have told them. Essentially you only need 2 supplements if you are getting your macros and micros through fruits and vegetables. One is B-12 because unless consumed in fortified items, there is no way you can get B-12 inside you. Second is a Pea/Soy Protein Powder- Only in cases when your athletic requirements demand higher protein. Read more about this here.

3.Gaining Fat

Often new vegans, resort to eating a lot of junk food because the world tells us about Oreos, pringles, Mcdonald's Vegan burgers, and other processed food. Do not make this mistake, always check the nutritional information of what you eat. Consumption of Simple Carbs will only spike your blood sugar levels and eventually your weight. Being vegan is about embracing vegetables, fruits, and legumes; and trust me, if eaten in correct quantities, will help you get you to your desired weight.

4. Giving up too easily!

You must have noticed how people become bearers of criticism the moment you tell them you are doing something new? That's how humans are right? "Oh you're a vegan? how do you manage it?! or "how do you get your nutrition" and whatnot. It's almost humorous. Not just friends even families often don't support this new lifestyle change. Do not worry, it is new for them, as it is for you. Talk to them, and tell them why you are doing it. Every time you talk about it you will feel more empowered to follow it even more strictly and even feel a certain need to educate more people.

5. Worrying about your Protein Intake.

As discussed in point 3, you do not have to be worried if you have a light-active lifestyle. A protein consumption of 0.8 Grams/Kg is suggested which you can easily get from Tofu, Soy, Tempeh, etc. In India, Nutrela chunks being offered in the market have as high as 50grams of protein in 100grams!!

You can fulfill all your protein requirements through Soya, Lentils, Pulses, Broccoli, Peas & Spinach, Whole Wheat Bread & Pasta, Quinoa, and nuts. For those who may indulge in heavy physical activities such as functional fitness or more muscle damage, you can always add in a High-Quality, Plant-Based protein.

In fact, Vegans not getting sufficient protein is the biggest myth against Veganism. Do send this post to them next time someone mentions protein deficiency. (Pun intended)

6. Blowing money on non-essential 'Vegan' items

The market is flooded with Expensive food items under the tag 'Vegan'. It has become a new trend to sell normal items as expensive. One of my friends recently purchased a 'Vegan handbag' for a staggering $200. It may not be a staggering amount for some, but the fun point was that is was just normal leatherette! A usual rexine based bag which might be available at a local market for probably $20/30 was priced 10 times more expensive just because of the 'Vegan' Tag. Even at a grocery store, they will try selling items that you don't really need for example vegan cookies which are exorbitant in cost. You can check our vegan recipes if you feel like snacking but we would not recommend you wasting money on

We always encourage fresh food which you can even convert to brilliant recipes.

(P.S - This is not something the world will tell you)

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