Are you an Indian Vegan?

Hey Fok'ers! Today's special is for our Indian Vegans, some tips you can incorporate while eating out:

1. Substitute Ghee - Ask the chef to replace Ghee with coconut, mustard or vegetable oil.

2. Avoid Naan - Naan is a special flatbread made with white flour and butter. Instead eat chapati/tandoori roti.

3. Paneer Who? - something you can might be eating 10 times a day? Immediately switch over to Tofu. (remember we made chilly tofu once?)

4.Vegan is best in India - samosas, pakoras, chana masala, dal tadka, masala dosas, pani puri, biryani, rajma masala, aloo gobi, saag, baingan bharta, chole bhature, and stuffed paratha. I could keep going.

5. Happy Cow - Ofcourse we use zomato filters to find vegan options but happycow is a dedicated service for vegan audiences across the globe, travel the world without

Found an interesting food item or a new vegan restaurant? Comment down under!

(We're posting slighlty generic content instead of the daily meal stamp due to non-availability of internet in a specific part of India-all these posts have been scheduled a few days)

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