Best Sunday Post ever?

Weekends are essentially meant to be to yourself where you do things you've been wanting to do the entire week.

'Wait, I've been wanting to turn vegan for a long time and now I am doing it, what else should I do now?'. I'd say spice it up! How? Look for foods and items in your grocery that align with veganism!

Go Shopping today, and remember to divide your basket in the following way-

1. Protein - Tofu, Tempeh, Soy(Nutrela), Lentils or Pea Protein

2. Vegetables - What do I say about this? You know what vegetables are. Hint: It's not egg.

3. Fruits - Apart from the usual, make sure you add strawberry, Kiwi, figs, pineapples and blueberries.

4. Fats & Nuts - Almonds, Walnuts, Cashew, Peanut butter and Pistacheos.

5. Carbs - Sweet Potato, Potato, Wheat Bread, Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Oats, Quinoa.

6. Milk - 'Wait. What?'. Add up soy milk and almond milk.

Load up on this and experiment, and let me know how it goes! Cheers Fok'ers.

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