Can a Vegan Diet Reverse Diseases?

Nothing has ever surprised me as much as Veganism has!

I had once mentioned how going vegan has sped my recovery of a shoulder injury. That was one of the first benefits I had noticed personally. Many people mention that once you start seeing the differences in health - mental and physical, skin, hair, you can never go back. They are not wrong! But as I've been digging deeper on a plant-based diet, I am left speechless.

One of the leading books on a plant-based diet, "The China Study - The Most Comprehensive Study on Nutrition Ever Conducted" by T.Colin Campbell has educated me more than my formal education has. The truth! An excerpt from the book is as follows:

" I stopped eating meat fifteen years ago, and I stopped eating almost all animal-based foods, including dairy, within the past six to eight years, except on very rare occasions. My cholesterol has dropped, even as I've aged; I am more physically fit now than when I was twenty-five; and I am forty-five pounds lighter now than I was when I was thirty years old. I am now at an ideal weight for my height.... This has all been done for health reasons, the result of my research findings telling me to wake up. From a boyhood of drinking at least two quarts of milk a day to an early professional career of scoffing at vegetarians, I have taken an unusual turn in my life. "

The research also points to reduced cholesterol, obesity levels which in turn lead to reversing even the most dangerous of diseases namely Diabetes & Cancer. It also points to a shocking observation on how high casein protein diets can lead to triggering cancer. Yes we were as shocked as you are!

The same diet that is good for the prevention of cancer is also good for the prevention of heart disease, as well as obesity, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, Alzheimer's, cognitive dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. Furthermore, this diet can only benefit everyone, regardless of his or her genes or personal dispositions.

No wonder elders always taught us to include more leafy greens and fruits in our meals. With the immense amount of benefits of eating a plant-based diet, it makes me wonder- why are companies hiding this from us? Why are schools not teaching this when we are young? Why are the doctors not telling us this!?

Time to redefine food. Clearly, Food is the holy grain of a long and healthy life. If you are interested in knowing more about this, I'd recommend you study the book yourself and even talk to your dieticians about this.

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