"Co-Vid wouldn't happen if world was Vegan"

So Peta just posted an article mentioning how corona virus wouldn't have started if the world was vegan in the first place. Now while there are many possible facts around this theory, there are quite a bit of events and signifying that this might have been a man made disaster. But if we were to stick to the primitive theory of 'Someone was making bat soup & the bat was infected with the virus',it has got the whole world wonder who would eat BATS? But I personally wonder, people who feel sympathy/disgust for killing bats, or killing dogs, how is it that they feel nothing for killing the meat they eat, or the process of torture that cows go through for milking. Why is it that dogs are cute and they shouldn't be killed or tortured but a chicken tikka is their favourite snack. Sometimes hypocrisy in us humans takes me on a roller coaster ride. But hey, we should do our bit. Educate as many people as we can, while we can.

The nature earth is undergoing a great amount of purification during these times of lock-down. Just look up! the skies are so much more beautiful, you will hear the birds chirping, Italy's venice just saw fishes and swans after decades, Mumbai's coast saw dolphins! When we look at all these things, one often wonders 'what if we, humans, are the actual virus for earth'..

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