Days in Quarantine.

What do you do when you have to save yourself from a pandemic? Lock yourself down! Lucky for us, that's what our government did; the government has taken a timely action of locking down the country for 21 days, giving us a hell lotta free time. Some may say this is not the time to get productive and all you should focus on is at staying safe. I'd simply say, you gotta do both. While there's no denying on safety at this hour is crucial, we must not waste the time we have in hand. Trust me, you don't want to survive all of it to realise all you did was watch an idiot box, or 'Netflix-ed your way through it'. Mix and match everything and remain productive!

What all can you do at home?

Online Courses - You will be surprised to see the abundance of online courses. There is nothing that you would want to learn that is not available on the internet.

For example, I started an online vegan nutritionist course to build this blog in a better way, educating more people with more confidence.

Look at that excel course, that you were planning or a Self Development course you were planning but never got the time to do it.

Cooking - You must have seen a surge in recipes all this while, that's solely because I have been experimenting a lot with food lately. Sitting at home you can try interesting recipes at home, and probably become a food blogger as well, who knows?

Try avoiding ordering in food from any restaurant as that's a risky proposition as well during these Co-vid times, you do not know who all the delivery guy has met or collected cash from during his trips.

Stay Fit - Don't tell me you can not do jumping jacks, pushups, core at home. You will be surprised to know that even a 15 minute workout can be very energising.

For example -

AMRAP(As Many Rounds as Possible - in given time) Round 1 - 25 Jumping Jacks & 10 Leg Raises ; AMRAP Round 2 - 30 Single Skipping & 10 Crunches ; AMRAP Round 3 - 10 Push ups & 10 V-Ups ; Each done for 5 minute makes up a High Intensity Workout!

Educate people to go vegan - Tell your friends and family what they are missing out on, give them a 7 day challenge to go vegan. Tell them to explore an alternate healthier lifestyle of living and even cut some weight sitting at home. Get a vegan diet plan made from FOK and gift it to your family members or friends.

Do house chores - Divide the house chores within the family, trust me, that becomes a great bonding activity. Assemble that furniture that you wanted to, clean that store room that you had planned for last year, mop the house, throw useless stuff that blocks your space, there is a lot that you can do.

Spend time with family - Play card games, watch a movie together, Sing Songs or Dumb Charades. Trust me, if you are staying with your family, this is the most valuable time you will get with everyone. If you happen to stay away from family, ensure you connect on video call as much as you can.

Watch a documentary - Instead of watching a movie, try watching documentaries, they're equally engaging and informational. Rather than whiling away the time you have, add knowledge.

Re-think your career goals - Someone told me they have been planning to quit that accounting job and become a tattoo artist. Now who exactly is stopping you to explore the unchartered horizons! Become the blogger you always wanted to be, or the data scientist you have been wanting to learn.

Strategise your business - This is the perfect time to do the re-structuring that you have been planning for your business. Plan how you will expand your business or even take it online during these tough times, Most marketeers believe that buying behaviours will be very different post Co-Vid. Sales will shift online and markets will become price sensitive, as the economies collapse. For people in essential businesses, it is a great time to create your brand re-call online. And if you can, do ensure your firm is indulging in CSR activities - procuring and providing free masks or PPE kits to nearby hospitals or your neighbourhood.

Re-connect with old friends- An ex girlfriend/ boyfriend you had a bad fallout with? A school or a college friend that has been out of touch due to the busy lifestyle? Isn't this the best time to connect!

What Co-vid has taught the world is that - Life is very short and live it to the fullest. Make sure you make the most out of it. At FOK, we believe in having a positive outlook in life. Although we never say that we should turn a blind eye on what is happening in the world, but we should ensure that we become bearers of positivity. Cheers. Stay Safe, and Take Care.

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