Get Fok'd. Week 1 - Day 7.

Week 1 coming to an end! What a daily excitement, isn't it? To try something new? But wait, 'I'm not feeling any better yet'. Visit on why you and I are doing this, and remember, patience is the key. Here's the Sunday meal plan for you: Meal 1: 10:00 AM 1 Lentil Roti ( Dal Roti )

1 Smoothie (Banana+Chia seeds +Whey+Sapodilla+Flax Seeds)

Meal 2: 2:00 PM

1 Bowl Black Lentil with 1 Chapatti/Roti.

Meal 3: 5:00 PM

1 Glass Vegan Coffee ( Cow Milk Replaced with Almond Milk )

Meal 4: 9:00 PM

5 Cubes Tofu in Butter Masala Gravy

Salad with Cucumber & Tomatoes.

The only meals you should focus on replicating is Meal 2 & Meal 3 as it aligns with the FOK philosophy. Rest of the meals are pretty much a cheating scenario, but as I keep saying; We'll get there, its not a punishment! :)

Let me know what you think can be changed/added/deleted. Cheers Fok'ers.

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