Get FOK'd. Week 2 - Day 2

Hey Fok'ers! I am so sorry for skipping two days in between, was stuck in a celebration and got Fu**ked up really bad. In-fact will be travelling for 3 more days soon, and will have to go MIA again. Will keep you all posted.

Meanwhile here's today meal stamp:

Meal 1 : 9:00 AM

1 Bowl Pomegrenate

Meal 2 : 10:30 AM

1 Bowl Sprouts

1 Plate(75g) Pasta with Peas and Green Pepper

1 Glass of Orange Juice

Meal 3: 3:00PM

1 Yellow Lentil with White Rice

Meal 4: 7:00 PM

100 Grams of French Fries

Meal 5: 9:00 PM

1 Bowl of Tomato Soup

1 Plate of Cucumbers & Tomato

I can't wait to hear how your vegan life is treating you. Tell us all something interesting that we could incorporate in our vegan meal plan as well, Post in the comment section below!

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