Get Fok'd Week 2 - Day 1 ( Finally )

& We're back! Where were we? Yes, Week 2, Take 2. First of all, I'd like to apologise for not taking week 2 in continuation and having a broken blog, but what do you do when you can't post live updates due to internet service suspension? Yes, it still happens, in 2020.

Today's mealstamp was pretty slick:

Meal 1: 7:00 AM

1 Cup Black Coffee with 1 loaf bread

Meal 2: 8:30 AM

1 Scoop Whey Protein

Meal 3: 10:30 AM

2 Lentil Cheela - Google Dal ka Cheela

1 Strawberry smoothie with almonds & dates

1/2 Cup Dry Fruits

Meal 4: 1:00 PM

1 Cup Black Coffee

Meal 5: 4:00 PM

1 Bowl White Rice with Yellow Lentil - Moong Dal.

Meal 6: 7:00 PM

1 Bowl of Popcorn ( Non branded, freshly made )

Meal 7: 9:00 PM

1 Plate Sauté Vegetables (Baby corn, tomato, green pepper and red pepper, onions and mushrooms)

You may ask why am I not quitting on whey yet; honestly as of now I am worried about my protein intake as my workouts often get exhausting and incorrect supplementation might mess up the entire day, and I don't wanna waste my box also, hehe. We'll get there eventually.

Let me know what's your progress!

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