Get Fok'ed - Week 2 - Day 6

& Weekend is here! Lot of opportunities to mess up your health and your diet. (Just going to have a beer right now, after a long week).

Meal stamp for the day:

Meal 1: 9:00 AM

15 mg of L-Carnitine

Meal 2: 10:00 AM

1 Lentil Mixed Roti

1 Bowl Sprout

1 Glass of Lemon Juice

1 Multi-Vitamin Tablet

Meal 3: 2:00 PM

1 Bowl Chickpea with Roti

1 Bowl Salad

Meal 4: 5:00 PM

Green Tea with Cookie.

Meal 5: 8:30 PM

1 Bowl Noodles

1 Crispy Tofu

1 Pint of Beer

Today being a rest day, still managed to complete 5 meals. Should've increased the intake today for a better recovery. Anyhow go get Fok'ed this weekend. Haha, Cheers!

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