Get FOK'ed. Week 2 - DAY 7.

Alas! The week ends. Monday begins, but here in India, it is festive for 2 days due to an Indian Festival, therefore, diet disruption. We will see how to mitigate whatever meal we can.

Today's mealstamp:

Meal 1: 7:00 AM

15ML of L-carnitine

Meal 2: 9:00 AM

1 Scoop of Whey Protein

Meal 3: 10:30 AM

1 burger, semi-fried - betroot tikki mixed with potato, bread. Filled with Lettuce, capsicum and onion. (Replaced Cottage Cheese in the tikki with Betroot)

1 Betroot Tikki

1 Glass of Lemon Juice

Meal 4: 2:00 PM

1 Plate Rice with Black Lentil

Meal 5: 5:00 PM

1 Soy Milk based coffee

Meal 6: 8:00 PM

Lentil Pakode with Coriander Chutney. (Great snacking option, MUST TRY FOR NON-INDIANS, you'll thank me later)

Week 2 was tough to initiate. Lot of struggles to just write the blog, and worse, to maintain the diet. Not that I compromised on vegan food, but the caloric intake was so low at days and meals were so improper that it lowered the overall motivation.

Let me know what we can change for Week 3! Cheers Fok'ers.

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