Get FOK'ed. Week 3 - Day 2 & 3

Let's do something new this week! What say? Aren't you bored reading the daily food routine everyday?

What we'll do is we will now count-in two days together, and only add highlight worthy meals. Let's try this for this week and see how it goes.

MEAL 1: For Breakfast

Cauliflower Paratha

MEAL 2: For Lunch

Rajma Chawal - Indian version of red kidney beans



Meal 4: Evening Snack

Dry Fruits Pre-mix with almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashew. Better if you can add in Dates as well.

Meal 5: For dinner

Soya(Nutrella) Tortilla/Wrap

Of course the supplements are being continued -Whey Protein, L-Carnitine 15MG,Multivitamins and Omega 3(Fish Oil - which should be replaced by flax seed now).

I'd also like to confess a holiday sin, ended up eating ice cream, which was obviously milk based. And it's surprising how the body reacts to dairy now, felt bloated and guilty immediately.

What do you think of this new blogging pattern?

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