Immunity Building Vegan Food

One can not stress on importance of immunity during these times. Co-vid is teaching how health has to be priority and only those who are strong from inside - Mentally as well as physically, will survive this wave.

Now what is immunity? It is basically how your body responds to any alien virus or infection. It is body's ability to fight toxins and heal quickly. The quicker your body responds and heals, better is the immunity.

But how can we improve our immunity?

Of course genes play a good role in immunity, but diet & lifestyle often plays a bigger role in getting more immune.

Add the following items in your daily meal plan:

Ginger & Garlic

Red Bell Pepper



Green Tea



Turmeric (comes by default in Indian cooking thankfully)

& For Dessert:

Dark chocolate

Apart from food, some minor lifestyle tweaks:

1. Reduce or Eliminate Smoking & Alcohol

2. Try Working out for at least 30 mins a day for 5 days a week.

3. Sleep 7 to 9 Hours.

Remember to consult your doctor if you think you fall prey to illness easily as during the times we're in, you can never be too safe.

Take care fellow FOK'ers.

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