Kinds of Vegetarians

In all honestly, the first step to having slightest consideration about animals is going vegetarian. But isn't this a page for vegans? Of course it is, But did you know vegan is just a part of vegetarians? Like Burgers are just a part of junk food? LOL.

Vegetarians are a broader category falling under plant based but it may have further divisions such as:

1. People who eat dairy and eggs with plant based diet, but no animal based food - Lacto Ovo Vegetarian - Most common types of vegetarians that exist are these.

2. People who eat dairy but not eggs - Lacto Vegetarian - Most of Indians vegetarians would fall under this category - I've been a Lacto vegetarian all my life, with no less than 500 grams of cottage cheese everyday.

3. People who mix eggs in their plant based diet - Ovo Vegetarians - often to suffice the protein content in daily routine.

4. VEGANS - Yes fellows, we are the people who do not eat dairy, or meat or eggs or anything that may involve processing animals in some or the other way.

Often there are flexitarians (people who occasionally enjoy eggs and meat based food) and pescatarians(people who eat seafood but mostly stick to plant based).

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