Most Nutritious Vegan Bowl - Single-Serve - Kcal 640

An optimal meal is one that is balanced. What is a balanced meal? One that is nutrient-dense, and leaves you satiated.

The best part about Vegan Food Bowls is they're quick to make. Cooking Time is hardly 15 Minutes.

What Do You Need?

Soya Granules -1 Cup

Protein- 24 G, Fats - 0.2 G, Carbs - 14.8 G, Fibre - 5.9 G 155Kcal

Ground Nuts - 0.25 Cup

Protein - 9.6 G, Fats - 14.5 G, Carbs - 9.7 G, Fibre - 4.0 G 208Kcal

Broccoli - 1 Cup Diced

Protein - 2.5 G, Fats - 0.3 G, Carbs - 5.8 G, Fibre - 2.3 G 30Kcal

Carrot - 2 Cups Diced

Protein - 2.3 G, Fats - 0.6 G, Carbs - 23.4 G, Fibre - 6.8 G 117Kcal

Bell Pepper - 2 Small

Protein - 1.3 G, Fats - 0.3 G, Carbs - 6.9 G, Fibre 2.5 G 30 Kcal

Mushroom - 1 Cup

Protein - 3.0 G, Fats - 0.8 G, Carbs - 4.1 G, Fibre 1.0 G 41Kcal

Garlic - 4 Cloves

Protein - 0.8 G, Fats - 0.1G, Carbs - 4.0 G, Fibre 0.3 G 18Kcal

Tomato Ketchup - 2 Tablespoon

Carbs - 10.0 G 40Kcal

Oil - 2.5 Table Spoons


1. First, take the soya granules and boil them, add a pinch of salt.

2. Then Rinse the granules in cold water, and squeeze to take the extra water out.

3. Take a pan and add a tablespoon of Olive oil or Canola Oil.

4. Add garlic paste and keep stirring till brown.

5. Add Bell Pepper, Mushroom, Carrots & Broccoli.

6. After Stirring for a minute, add the tomato ketchup. (Some of the readers will like to add spicy tomato ketchup as well)

7. Once done, take the vegetables out and transfer them to a plate.

8. Re-use the same pan, and heat 1/2 Table Spoon oil.

9. Add the ground nuts and some salt.

10. Grab a bowl & add the soya granules, then top it up with sautéed vegetables & nuts.

Pro-Tip: Season it with any vegan sauce from the market. Personal Favourite is Vegan Mayo.

If Soya Granules are not available, Replace with Grilled Tofu.

If you are looking for the perfect vegan meal, high on protein, moderate on carbs, and low on fat. You're in the right place. With over 40 Grams of Protein, Around 15 Grams of Fats & Over 30 Grams of Carbs, this vegan meal can help you reach your athletic goals. Have this meal at lunch or dinner.

The best part is, for the vegans who are highly concerned about their protein intake. This dish can do wonders.

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