We would like to introduce you to Umang Singh - A Vegan athlete from India who swears by his Vegan lifestyle! A ripped badass who has shown the world how to build natural muscle on a plant-based diet. He holds a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

Let's get to know him better!

1. Since how long have you been Vegan and what made you explore this lifestyle?

"I stepped into the gym as a vegan on the very first day of my fitness journey on 13th July 2012. I turned into vegan and started going to gym to transform myself from the process of an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one and in particular to shed weight from 103 kgs to 68kgs and then move towards gaining lean mass and strength of 82 kg body weight, eventually leading into a passionate weightlifter. I had been working out since then but had a long gap of 3 years and couldn't hit the gym and gained weight due to unforeseen circumstances, and then in July 2019, I again decided to get back into my best shape of life till now."

2. What criticism did you face from friends and family when you turned and how did you tackle?

"I don't face any criticism in a negative way, most of the time inside the gym when I power lift, the gym-goers ask me my diet plan including proteins source and almost everyone is surprised to know that I do not consume any animal products and there I introduce veganism to them.

My family is very supportive so I never had any arguments related to veganism with them."

3. How does a Vegan lifestyle affect your bodybuilding/athletic goals?

"This is my personal experience and may differ from others (in case they didn't take things seriously). My focus was great every time I entered the gym, especially heart rate get back to normal much easily, and resting heart rate is 50bpm which is good AF. Earlier I used to gasp for breath and my heart rate didn't get back to normal easily (I had to sit, rest and relax for a long time)."

4. How do you manage your protein requirement?

"My main sources of protein: chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, tofu, tempeh, green peas, and a plant-based protein shake."

5. Do you have any cravings once in a while and if you do how do you satiate yourself?

"Haha, once in a while I always crave yummy sweet dishes, so to satisfy my sweet tooth I make my own “DARK CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE" every night and eat it after my dinner." You can check out his recipe here.

6. What advice would you give to new vegans?

"Take your time, keep studying about the nutritional value of different foods for your knowledge, and do not get “defensive” when someone argues with you about veganism. Stay away if they're aggressive and save your energy ;)"

We hope you are inspired by Umang's Plant-Based journey! He continues to inspire us and many others with his fitness and diet. P.S - HE CAN DEADLIFT 180 KILOS!!!

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCti5vh-FzMgkWL9Ep0dfG6w

The Meat and the dairy industry combined have propagated for a good time how we need to consume milk or chicken to get more protein and grow stronger. Today we know, a Plant-Based Diet can fuel your muscle in more ways than you'd imagine. Make the switch today, because it is the right thing to do - for Yourself, for the Animals & for the World.

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