Report Card for the past 4 Weeks.

This post is a self assessment on what went right and what went wrong in becoming a plant based eater.

The methodology we followed was diary keeping(in our case blog updating), wherein we recorded our daily intake of food. This is one of the most effective ways many wellness coaches advise their clients to track what is going inside their body. This creates a psychological impact as daily monitoring is the best way to assess your diet. This is an effective tool in tracking calories for fitness purposes as well, which hopefully should be our next step in this blog.

Week 1: The energies were high, and we googled up a lot of recipes and ingredients we can intake in our diet. Gave into cravings as well, cravings for cottage cheese, pizza. However, we were clear not to go cold turkey so guess that's okay.

Week 2: Lot of irregularities in a meal itself due to busy schedules, and anything was being consumed. At this step, Mind was not very cognitive in analysing what is being eaten.

Week 3: New recipes were looked into and frequently included in daily meal plans. Kebabs, Vegan Burgers, Vegan Tikkis, Tofu, Almond Milk etc has replaced the usual dairy based ingredients.

Week 4: Mind is consciously aware of what is going inside the body. Automatically any label is being screened to see if the item has any dairy or not. Immediate vegan substitutes have been added to diet as well and the realisation that vegan diet or a plant based diet is not about eliminating food, but about adding up.

Overall, this step by step progression into this new lifestyle has been a successful one. I say this because cravings are almost nil, mind has been fine tuned to go plant based. Macro-Nutrients in the diet have been corrected, and no empty calories being consumed and we're on the way to a healthier life!

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