Although being vegan is mentally healthy and gives you a positive outlook, we can not deny that it may lead to certain deficiencies which come from dairy, poultry or seafood. This is solely because a vegan diet eliminates certain vitamins and minerals that are essential to healthy living. The concern that arises is how to cope up in such a case. Good news is there are a lot of supplements out there in the health market.

Supplement 1: B-12 Supplement

An important supplement for nervous system, protein absorption. A dosage of 2.4 mcg per day is recommended.

Supplement 2: Vitamin D

Try to be out in the sun for 15 minutes at least in a day instead of taking any supplement, however if you stay in a country with less sun exposure, resort to Vitamin D tablets.

Supplement 3: Omega 3

Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Walnuts & Hemp Seeds come to your rescue! This is highly important for effective functioning of brain and eyes. I've been using Omega 3 Tablets in my daily food.

Supplement 4: Iron

Iron is an important nutrient you need to repair your Red Blood Cells. Little iron can lead to fatigue and energy loss. Beans, Peas and dryfruits is what you should add in your diet.

Supplement 5: Calcium

Calcium tablets is a must to add in your meal plans. Calcium is responsible in bone strength and weak bones will become a pain in the arse in the later years of life.

Any vegan who is unable to add these nutrients to their diet plans must resort to supplementation for healthier living!

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