The Judgement day

Hello there! Welcome to FOK. So today was the day, I decided to go vegan. "But wait, Aren't you a vegetarian already? " turns out that there's still miles to go and it scares the sh** out of me.

My reason? Well, thank Netflix's Game Changers. A tiny attempt to make the world a more sustainable place. (And yes, trying to recover from a shoulder injury as well). So far life has been all about milk being the healthiest beverage, cottage cheese being a part of almost every meal in a day and pizzas..

But I've been told, never to go cold turkey. So that's the game plan - cut of on milk based diet slow and steady. The transition will phase out over 21 days in the following format:

1. Week 1 - Exclusion of Milk

2. Week 2 - Reduction of Cheese formats

3. Week 3 - Reduction of Paneer

4. Week 4 - A look back on the journey

Turns out the first blog is going live on the National Pizza Day i.e 9th February. Dayumn son, Wish me luck..

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