The Ultimate Vegan Tikki - KCAL 1038 - Serves 2

A synonym for patty or kababs, a 'Tikki' is the usual term used in Northern India. I never knew Tikki could be so experimental until I turned Vegan! There is nothing you can not turn or mix in a Tikki! From Red Beans to beetroot, to even grinded dark chocolate!

But just recently, I tried cooking low-fat, high-protein, high-carb Tikki. Try this amazing recipe for a filling and tasty

What do you need?

3 Medium Boiled Potatoes - Boiled & Peeled

Protein - 10.2 Grams, Fat - 0.6 Grams, Carbs - 144 Grams, Fibre - 10.9 Grams KCAL 620

2 Loafs Whole Wheat Bread

Protein - 6.0 Grams, Fat - 2.0 Grams, Carbs - 28.7 Grams, Fibre - 2.4 Grams KCAL 157

1 Small Beetroot - Washed

Protein - 1.4 Grams, Fat - 0.1 Grams, Carbs - 7.2 Grams, Fibre 2.9 Grams KCAL 35

1/2 Cup Red Beans - Soaked in water overnight.

Protein - 10.5 Grams, Fat - 0.6 Grams, Carbs - 27.9 Grams, Fibre - 11.5 Grams KCAL 159

1/2 cup Peas

Protein - 5.2 grams, Fat - 0.1 Grams, Carbs - 11.5 Grams, Fibre 6.2 Grams KCAL 67

1 Table Spoon Fresh Coriander leaves & Chilly

1/4th Cup Oil - for Semi Frying or Air Fry

1/2 Table Spoon Ginger & Garlic Paste

1/2 Tea Spoon Salt - Optional

1/4th Cup - Corn - Optional


1. Grate the boiled potatoes into a bowl.

2. Break the bread by hand and put it into the bowl & Mix Well.

3. Grind the beetroot, red beans, and peas separately and combine them into the bowl.

4. Make sure there are no chunks of either of the ingredients.

5. Mix well again, and prepare a mixture like in the image below.

6. Make balls of the above mixture, and flatten so the Tikki is ready to fry.

7. Heat a non-stick pan, put oil and place the mixture.

8. Flip until brown from both sides.

9. Enjoy with Ketchup!

With a staggering amount of Protein & Carbs - this is a good dish to suit an active lifestyle! Who said, vegan food can not be tasty? For more vegan recipes, subscribe!

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