Thinking of turning vegan? Read this.

This post should have come long back as education and re-iteration is super super important. Turning Vegan is a commitment as it'd require you to say 'NO' to a lot of food choices, and your friends might start hating you for this as well, Haha.

Here's a list of reasons you should be knowing before taking this call:

1. Stay Healthy - Sufficient researches have found out that most vegans are of normal BMI. Significantly reduced cholesterol & way better digestion patterns.

2. Faster Recovery - Vegan diet is said to reverse certain diseases along side, fix your muscle based injuries.

3. Humane - You are not killing animals, and not falling prey to the 'happy cows and chicken' adverts.

4. More food for the world - A good amount of grains and grains go inside feeding these animals which you feed upon later. Save those grains for your fellow humans.

5. Interesting Food - Once you open up to vegan, especially following Indian vegan bloggers, you will see how experimental vegan food can be! Eg- Noodles Salad?

6. Meat is gross! - Imagine this scenario of the friend chicken you ate - a chicken roaming in a farm killed with industrial knives, blood all over their body, blood washed and cleaned up, processed to look fancy. Oh did I mention how they might be pooping in the very place they get killed?

Take a step towards a better world & a better you. Become a Fok'er today!

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