Tropical Smoothie - 378 Kcal

Aren't we always racing with time, with lives getting busier, we are always running around. What do we compromise on? Food. The most essential fuel of our body, we miss out on. And can a car run without petrol for a long time?

Smoothies always come to the rescue as quick hacks to reaching your caloric goals ensuring goals in a given time frame. Against our last recipe which was high on calorie - the Monster Vegan Smoothie as we call it, we now have a Tropical Smoothie, which is low on calories, and loaded with vitamins and minerals. You will not need more fruits in your day after this delightful beverage.

What do you need?

1. Banana - 2 Pieces of 6"/7" 234 Kcal

Protein - 2.4 Gram

Fat - 0.6 Gram

Carbs - 54 Gram

Fiber 3.6

2. Pineapple - Small Cut 1 Cup - 76 Kcal

Protein - 0.7 G

Fats - 0.2 G

Carbs - 17.8 G

Fiber - 4.6 G

3. Kiwi - 3/4th Fruit - 32Kcal

Protein - 0.6 G

Fats - 0.3G

Carbs - 7.6G

Fiber 1.6G

4. Papaya 3/4th Cup 45Kcal

Protein - 0.7 G

Fats - 0.1 G

Cars - 7.8G

Fiber 2.8G

5. Lemon Water 1/2 Cup - 1 Kcal

How to make it?

Oh, like any smoothie, blend it all up in a blender.

Once out, feel free to garnish with some mashed raspberries or blueberries.

PRO-TIP: Put in the freezer for 10 minutes before consuming it!

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