Vegan Utopia - The World We Deserve After COVID.

Imagine you just woke up, say it's January 1st and you are living in a Vegan World now. You get up, take a sip of lemon tea, and inhale the fresh air as air quality has increased tremendously due to Zero Carbon & Methane emissions by meat and dairy industries. The logistic movement for providing essentials(our wheat and grains) to feed these industries is extinct. Further to which the UV layer has started healing itself and in turn the temperatures are not rising anymore; so the weather is as pleasant as it was when you were a kid back in the 80s or before. Wait, did we just solve Global warming?

You go for a walk, notice everyone is healthy and your friends are also getting fitter and healthier with you. They can run longer, walk faster, and are energetic. Even that friend of yours who had a shoulder injury is now back at lifting weights because his inflammation has recovered quickly! Wait, your wife had told you to get groceries too. So you quickly go to the store and it is exciting to see that product prices have fallen, as there is a surplus of fruits and vegetables all over you. Bang for the buck!

You come back home, grab your Plant-Based Protein powder shake, and the newspaper reads, "Cancer is Dead - Humans have successfully stopped genetic expression and growth of cancer in the body and no more humans are dying of cancer". "Diabetes Eradicated", "Hospitals Struggle", "Increase in Agricultural Farming", "More Liveable Land", "Oceans Are Saved!"," or even "Greta Thunberg to run for President".

You get so happy and excited and you cook a beautiful meal for yourself and your family, something that looks like this.

As a businessman, when you reach the office and ask your accountant for the balance sheet, you find the company's turnover has increased! People are no more lethargic and de-focused. The company is reporting higher profitability as everyone is productive. People are no more calling in for Sick Leaves either. Woah!

You get home, spend some good quality time with your family or even yourself. You decide to hit the gym and what a day? You just hit your PR! You come home, cook a wonderful dinner, and sleep like a baby. zzz...

Sounds like a life we all deserve right? But how do we make this happen? How can we turn the world vegan? & if not for ourselves but for our kids? It's by talking. Talking to as many people as we can. Educating ourselves and Educating everyone along the way. Of course, the world will never be this simple. You can never educate every human to do the right thing, but if you don't start, you won't get anywhere.

The wet markets need to be banned, in an ideal world. The killing, torture, and exploitation of any life for any commercial purpose must be a sin of the highest order. We must act now. People will not switch over because they want to, they will because they have to be told - They Need To.

Be a good Vegan.

That's what we do at FOK, so we can live in a FOK'ed up world, and not a Fu*ked up world.

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