Week 4 - Day 1 & 2

Hey FOK'ers.

Last Week, we’d missed two days. Well honestly i don’t have an explanation, but definitely an excuse(not telling you guys right now though).

The week started on a great note with new recipes, proper supplementation. Although all gyms across India have been shut due to Covid-19, I shall remain on track by indoor workouts or track workouts. Back to vegan meal stamp:

Meal 1: Breakfast - LIKE A KING

1 Plate Sweet Potato

1 Bowl of Sprouts

1/2 Boiled Sweet Corn

2 Toasted Breads with any vegan spread

1 Glass of Orange Juice

Meal 2: Pre-Lunch Snack/Afternoon Snack

Smoothie with Banana, Almonds, Soy milk and dark chocolate/cocoa.

Meal 3: Lunch

Yellow Lentil (AKA Moon ki Dal or Split Chickpeas) with 2 Rotis/Breads

Meal 4: Evening Snack

1 Bowl of Fox Nuts - Great replacement for unhealthy snacking like chips/crisps.


3 pieces of dates with 1 table spoon of peanut butter - Brilliant for gaining!

Meal 5: Dinner

Chilly Potato - Potato fried in cornflour, Mixed with vegetables and then sautéd in Soya Sauce, Garlic, Chilly, Tomato Ketchup and salt.

So these are the highlight in the past 2 days, with awesome new recipes. You have got to try the chilly potato, refer YouTube/ask me for recommendations on YouTube for best Chilly potato recipe!

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